This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hammer 2011-08-23

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AMWAY (M) HOLDINGS BHDBlack Hammer8/23/201199.028.9
AV VENTURES CORPORATION BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20111.831.841.81
BERJAYA SPORTS TOTO BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20114.244.254.21
DVM TECHNOLOGY BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20110.1250.130.115
GOLDEN PHAROS BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20110.4150.420.395
HING YIAP KNITTING INDUSTRIES BBlack Hammer8/23/20111.551.571.5
LONDON BISCUITS BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20110.7850.790.76
OGAWA WORLD BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20110.320.330.285
PELIKAN INT.CORPORATION BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20110.850.8550.835
UNISEM (M) BHDBlack Hammer8/23/20111.341.351.31
BINA GOODYEAR BHDBlack Inverted Hammer8/23/20110.820.910.82
LIPO CORPORATION BHDBlack Inverted Hammer8/23/20110.8050.8350.805
BORNEO AQUA HARVEST BHDWhite Hammer8/23/20110.450.450.43
BUMIPUTRA-COMMERCE HOLDINGS BHDWhite Hammer8/23/20117.797.797.74
EMAS KIARA INDUSTRIES BHDWhite Hammer8/23/20110.610.610.505
TRADEWINDS CORPORATION BHDWhite Hammer8/23/20110.780.780.745
WCT ENGINEERING BHDWhite Hammer8/23/20112.62.62.52
AHMAD ZAKI RESOURCES BHDWhite Inverted Hammer8/23/20110.7250.740.72
HAP SENG PLANTATIONS HOLDINGS BWhite Inverted Hammer8/23/20112.642.672.63
HARBOUR-LINK GROUP BHDWhite Inverted Hammer8/23/20110.960.970.955



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