This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-31

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AMANAHRAYA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST (5127)Black Hammer10/31/20180.8450.850.83
APEX HEALTHCARE BERHAD [S] (7090)Black Hammer10/31/20187.797.87.75
EKSONS CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (9016)Black Hammer10/31/20180.7650.770.75
MERGE ENERGY BHD [S] (5006)Black Hammer10/31/20180.730.7450.7
FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (8605)Black Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.2950.320.295
HIL INDUSTRIES BERHAD (8443)Black Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.5950.6150.595
ONLY WORLD GROUP HOLDINGS BERHAD (5260)Black Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.620.6750.62
S P SETIA BERHAD [S] (8664)Black Inverted Hammer10/31/20182.12.172.1
BATU KAWAN BERHAD [S] (1899)White Hammer10/31/201816.8816.8816.6
CHOO BEE METAL INDUSTRIES BHD [S] (5797)White Hammer10/31/20181.541.541.49
ICAPITAL.BIZ BERHAD (5108)White Hammer10/31/20182.752.752.65
KIMLUN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (5171WA)White Hammer10/31/20180.290.290.26
KRETAM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (1996)White Hammer10/31/20180.4050.4050.385
KUCHAI DEVELOPMENT BERHAD (2186)White Hammer10/31/2018221.94
SOUTHERN STEEL BERHAD (5665)White Hammer10/31/20181.091.091.04
SUNWAY BERHAD [S] (5211WB)White Hammer10/31/20180.290.290.27
WZ SATU BERHAD [S] (7245)White Hammer10/31/20180.190.190.16
CARIMIN PETROLEUM BERHAD [S] (5257)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.240.260.23
DRB-HICOM BERHAD [S] (1619)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20181.881.931.87
HO WAH GENTING BERHAD [S] (9601)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.130.140.125
HONG LEONG INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (3301)White Inverted Hammer10/31/201810.5610.6810.54
KESM INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (9334)White Inverted Hammer10/31/201810.210.6810
LINGKARAN TRANS KOTA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (6645)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20183.924.083.9
LPI CAPITAL BHD (8621)White Inverted Hammer10/31/201816.3816.4416.36
MBM RESOURCES BHD [S] (5983)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20181.992.071.96
NOVA WELLNESS GROUP BERHAD (0201)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.5250.5450.515
OKA CORPORATION BHD [S] (7140)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20181.021.051.01
PROLEXUS BERHAD [S] (8966)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.590.6650.585
RHONE MA HOLDINGS BERHAD (5278)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.7850.80.78
TDM BERHAD (2054)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.2050.2150.2
TSH RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (9059)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20181.011.051
YKGI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7020)White Inverted Hammer10/31/20180.1750.1850.17

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-30

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
ANN JOO RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (6556)Black Hammer10/30/20181.41.411.35
HARTALEGA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5168)Black Hammer10/30/20186.236.246.17
INSAS BERHAD (3379)Black Hammer10/30/20180.6850.690.67
OCR GROUP BERHAD [S] (7071)Black Hammer10/30/20180.340.3450.315
PUBLIC BANK BERHAD (1295)Black Hammer10/30/201824.5424.624.34
SYARIKAT TAKAFUL MALAYSIA KELUARGA BERHAD [S] (6139)Black Hammer10/30/20183.893.93.85
SLP RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7248)Black Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.8950.910.895
TH PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] (5112)Black Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.570.60.57
HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD (7668)White Hammer10/30/20183.33.33.21
HUA YANG BERHAD [S] (5062)White Hammer10/30/20180.390.390.365
KHEE SAN BERHAD [S] (6203)White Hammer10/30/20180.5850.5850.565
MERGE ENERGY BHD [S] (5006)White Hammer10/30/20180.7450.7450.7
RANHILL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5272)White Hammer10/30/20181.021.020.95
SUNWAY CONSTRUCTION GROUP BERHAD [S] (5263)White Hammer10/30/20181.511.511.42
YINSON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7293)White Hammer10/30/20184.484.484.44
CHIN WELL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5007)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20181.71.751.69
E.A.TECHNIQUE (M) BERHAD [S] (5259)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.380.4050.37
ECO WORLD DEVELOPMENT GROUP BERHAD [S] (8206)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.9951.020.99
GABUNGAN AQRS BERHAD [S] (5226)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.8650.90.85
HONG LEONG FINANCIAL GROUP BERHAD (1082)White Inverted Hammer10/30/201818.318.5818.18
K-ONE TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (0111)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.260.270.255
NOTION VTEC BERHAD [S] (0083)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.6150.630.61
PERUSAHAAN SADUR TIMAH MALAYSIA (PERSTIMA) BHD [S] (5436)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20184.524.64.5
PROLEXUS BERHAD [S] (8966)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.5850.60.58
S P SETIA BERHAD [S] (8664)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20182.092.212.08
SIME DARBY PROPERTY BERHAD [S] (5288)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.920.9450.91
SWS CAPITAL BERHAD [S] (7186)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.610.640.605
UOA DEVELOPMENT BHD [S] (5200)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20181.891.931.88
WAH SEONG CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (5142)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.8950.9250.89
WEGMANS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (0197)White Inverted Hammer10/30/20180.320.330.315

Monday, October 29, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-29

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BATU KAWAN BERHAD [S] (1899)Black Hammer10/29/201816.8816.916.58
CHEMICAL COMPANY OF MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] (2879)Black Hammer10/29/20181.871.881.84
CUSCAPI BERHAD [S] (0051)Black Hammer10/29/20180.20.2050.19
FREIGHT MANAGEMENT HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7210)Black Hammer10/29/20181.041.050.93
MALAYSIA AIRPORTS HOLDINGS BERHAD (5014)Black Hammer10/29/20188.328.358.23
MI EQUIPMENT HOLDINGS BERHAD (5286)Black Hammer10/29/20182.272.292.16
MIECO CHIPBOARD BERHAD [S] (5001)Black Hammer10/29/20180.310.3150.295
POH HUAT RESOURCES HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7088)Black Hammer10/29/20181.411.421.38
RCE CAPITAL BERHAD (9296)Black Hammer10/29/20181.451.471.41
UMW HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (4588)Black Hammer10/29/20184.654.74.52
AMALGAMATED INDUSTRIAL STEEL BERHAD [S] (2682)Black Inverted Hammer10/29/20180.250.30.25
MSM MALAYSIA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5202)Black Inverted Hammer10/29/20183.173.33.17
POS MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] (4634)Black Inverted Hammer10/29/20183.063.133.06
S P SETIA BERHAD [S] (8664)Black Inverted Hammer10/29/20182.082.152.08
TOYO INK GROUP BERHAD [S] (7173)Black Inverted Hammer10/29/20180.7950.8150.795
WEGMANS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (0197)Black Inverted Hammer10/29/20180.3150.330.315
ATTA GLOBAL GROUP BERHAD [S] (7099)White Hammer10/29/20180.7350.7350.68
KOSSAN RUBBER INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (7153)White Hammer10/29/20184.24.24.06
BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO (MALAYSIA) BERHAD (4162)White Inverted Hammer10/29/201831.531.931.32
KECK SENG (MALAYSIA) BERHAD (3476)White Inverted Hammer10/29/20184.164.184.15
SERN KOU RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7180)White Inverted Hammer10/29/20180.550.5750.54
TATT GIAP GROUP BERHAD [S] (5178)White Inverted Hammer10/29/20180.1750.20.17

Friday, October 26, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-26

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) BERHAD (5139)Black Hammer10/26/201815.1815.215
BRAHIM'S HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (9474)Black Hammer10/26/20180.2050.210.195
CAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD [S] (2852)Black Hammer10/26/20182.622.652.52
ECO WORLD INTERNATIONAL BERHAD (5283)Black Hammer10/26/20180.9050.910.89
HEKTAR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST (5121)Black Hammer10/26/20181.161.171.13
HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD (5819)Black Hammer10/26/201820.6820.720.5
IDEAL JACOBS (MALAYSIA) CORPORATION BHD [S] (0162)Black Hammer10/26/20180.2450.250.235
IOI CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (1961)Black Hammer10/26/20184.494.54.45
MUHIBBAH ENGINEERING (M) BHD [S] (5703)Black Hammer10/26/20182.82.812.77
NEXTGREEN GLOBAL BERHAD [S] (7241)Black Hammer10/26/20180.470.4750.445
POWER ROOT BERHAD [S] (7237WA)Black Hammer10/26/20180.3250.330.31
TOYO INK GROUP BERHAD [S] (7173)Black Hammer10/26/20180.7950.80.78
VERTICE BERHAD- WARRANTS A 2014_2024 [S] (7240WA)Black Hammer10/26/20180.50.510.46
7-ELEVEN MALAYSIA HOLDINGS BERHAD (5250)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/20181.391.431.39
EITA RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (5208)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/20181.291.321.29
GE-SHEN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (7197)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/20180.8350.860.835
HONG LEONG INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (3301)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/201810.210.4610.2
LPI CAPITAL BHD (8621)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/201816.416.6816.4
MEXTER TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (0075)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/20180.4650.510.465
RHB BANK BERHAD (1066)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/20185.145.235.14
TAFI INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (7211)Black Inverted Hammer10/26/20180.330.420.33
BIMB HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5258)White Hammer10/26/20183.53.53.46
LAFARGE MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] (3794)White Hammer10/26/20182.12.12.02
LEADER STEEL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (9881)White Hammer10/26/20180.3250.3250.305
WANG-ZHENG BERHAD (7203)White Hammer10/26/20181.251.251.16
AXIATA GROUP BERHAD [S] (6888)White Inverted Hammer10/26/20183.463.493.45
MEGA FIRST CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (3069)White Inverted Hammer10/26/20183.053.13.04
MINHO (M) BERHAD [S] (5576)White Inverted Hammer10/26/20180.50.5150.495

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-25

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AWC BERHAD [S] (7579)Black Hammer10/25/20180.80.8050.77
ENCORP BERHAD (6076)Black Hammer10/25/20180.440.4450.415
EXCEL FORCE MSC BERHAD [S] (0065WA)Black Hammer10/25/20180.290.30.265
FORMOSA PROSONIC INDUSTRIES BERHAD (9172)Black Hammer10/25/20181.531.541.49
INARI AMERTRON BERHAD [S] (0166)Black Hammer10/25/20181.931.981.76
IOI CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (1961)Black Hammer10/25/20184.514.534.42
KOBAY TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (6971)Black Hammer10/25/20181.371.391.32
LPI CAPITAL BHD (8621)Black Hammer10/25/201816.416.4416.3
MUDA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (3883)Black Hammer10/25/20181.561.571.53
P.I.E. INDUSTRIAL BERHAD [S] (7095)Black Hammer10/25/20181.521.531.49
PRESS METAL ALUMINIUM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (8869)Black Hammer10/25/20184.674.74.54
QES GROUP BERHAD [S] (0196)Black Hammer10/25/20180.290.2950.275
RHB BANK BERHAD (1066)Black Hammer10/25/20185.185.195.14
SARAWAK CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (9237)Black Hammer10/25/20180.5850.5950.52
STAR MEDIA GROUP BERHAD [S] (6084)Black Hammer10/25/20180.7250.730.715
TASCO BERHAD [S] (5140)Black Hammer10/25/20181.291.31.26
TECHFAST HOLDINGS BERHAD (0084)Black Hammer10/25/20180.370.3750.35
VITROX CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (0097)Black Hammer10/25/20187.487.67.22
WCT HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (9679)Black Hammer10/25/20180.8050.810.78
AFFIN BANK BERHAD (5185)White Hammer10/25/20182.272.272.23
BERJAYA ASSETS BERHAD (3239)White Hammer10/25/20180.280.280.265
CHIN HIN GROUP BERHAD [S] (5273)White Hammer10/25/20180.720.720.7
CUSCAPI BERHAD [S] (0051)White Hammer10/25/20180.2150.2150.195
DESTINI BERHAD [S] (7212)White Hammer10/25/20180.2250.2250.21
ELSOFT RESEARCH BERHAD [S] (0090)White Hammer10/25/20183.073.072.91
GLOBETRONICS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (7022)White Hammer10/25/20182.132.132
HEKTAR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST (5121)White Hammer10/25/20181.181.181.14
HIBISCUS PETROLEUM BERHAD [S] (5199WC)White Hammer10/25/20180.550.550.515
LANDMARKS BERHAD (1643)White Hammer10/25/20180.550.550.52
LATITUDE TREE HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7006)White Hammer10/25/20183.53.53.41
MAJUPERAK HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (8141)White Hammer10/25/20180.270.270.25
MALAYSIAN RESOURCES CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (1651)White Hammer10/25/20180.720.720.7
MEDA INC. BERHAD [S] (5040)White Hammer10/25/20180.390.390.37
MEDIA CHINESE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED [S] (5090)White Hammer10/25/20180.2050.2050.19
MEXTER TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (0075)White Hammer10/25/20180.470.470.43
MRCB-QUILL REIT (5123)White Hammer10/25/20181.091.091.06
PPB GROUP BERHAD [S] (4065)White Hammer10/25/201816.816.816.5
UNISEM (M) BERHAD [S] (5005)White Hammer10/25/20182.952.952.83
YONG TAI BERHAD - WARRANTS 2015_2020 [S] (7066WA)White Hammer10/25/20180.340.340.32
PANTECH GROUP HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5125WA)White Inverted Hammer10/25/20180.080.090.075
WONG ENGINEERING CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (7050)White Inverted Hammer10/25/20180.820.90.8

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-24

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
EVERSENDAI CORPORATION BERHAD (5205)Black Hammer10/24/20180.7250.730.715
GENTING PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] (2291)Black Hammer10/24/20189.519.529.47
GUAN CHONG BERHAD (5102)Black Hammer10/24/20182.342.362.24
PWF CONSOLIDATED BERHAD [S] (7134)Black Hammer10/24/20180.7450.750.71
QL RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7084)Black Hammer10/24/20186.956.986.82
SEACERA GROUP BERHAD [S] (7073)Black Hammer10/24/20180.30.3050.285
SEACERA GROUP BERHAD [S] (7073WB)Black Hammer10/24/20180.0450.050.01
SENTORIA GROUP BERHAD (5213)Black Hammer10/24/20180.4250.430.405
THONG GUAN INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (7034)Black Hammer10/24/20182.182.22.1
UOA DEVELOPMENT BHD [S] (5200)Black Hammer10/24/20181.9921.96
ALCOM GROUP BERHAD [S] (2674)Black Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.580.5950.58
COMFORT GLOVES BERHAD [S] (2127)Black Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.8550.890.855
LOTTE CHEMICAL TITAN HOLDING BERHAD [S] (5284)Black Inverted Hammer10/24/20184.334.424.33
MAA GROUP BERHAD (1198)Black Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.460.50.46
MEDIA PRIMA BERHAD (4502)Black Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.3950.4150.395
MUDA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (3883)Black Inverted Hammer10/24/20181.591.631.59
UCREST BERHAD [S] (0005)Black Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.2350.250.235
FIMA CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (3107)White Hammer10/24/20181.791.791.75
HEKTAR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST (5121)White Hammer10/24/20181.181.181.1
IGB REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST (5227)White Hammer10/24/20181.71.71.67
LKL INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] (0182)White Hammer10/24/20180.1450.1450.125
MIECO CHIPBOARD BERHAD [S] (5001)White Hammer10/24/20180.340.340.325
PADINI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7052)White Hammer10/24/20185.775.775.64
SELANGOR PROPERTIES BERHAD (1783)White Hammer10/24/20184.064.063.95
TA ANN HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5012)White Hammer10/24/20182.52.52.43
VIZIONE HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7070)White Hammer10/24/20180.930.930.9
ALLIANCE BANK MALAYSIA BERHAD (2488)White Inverted Hammer10/24/20183.853.883.84
BRAHIM'S HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (9474)White Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.2050.220.2
HWA TAI INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (8478)White Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.310.3550.305
LEADER STEEL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (9881)White Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.3250.3750.32
MESB BERHAD [S] (7234)White Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.2750.290.27
MITRAJAYA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (9571)White Inverted Hammer10/24/20180.320.330.315
PETRON MALAYSIA REFINING & MARKETING BHD [S] (3042)White Inverted Hammer10/24/20187.27.297.18

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-23

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AJINOMOTO (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] (2658)Black Hammer10/23/201819.982019.3
FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (8605)Black Hammer10/23/20180.330.3350.32
GENTING BERHAD (3182WA)Black Hammer10/23/20180.0450.050.035
GFM SERVICES BERHAD [S] (0039)Black Hammer10/23/20180.4350.440.42
IOI PROPERTIES GROUP BERHAD [S] (5249)Black Hammer10/23/20181.241.251.21
JAKS RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (4723)Black Hammer10/23/20180.9650.970.945
LII HEN INDUSTRIES BHD. [S] (7089)Black Hammer10/23/20182.9932.95
MEGA FIRST CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (3069)Black Hammer10/23/20183.163.173.13
RAPID SYNERGY BERHAD (7765)Black Hammer10/23/20185.945.975.82
TECHFAST HOLDINGS BERHAD (0084)Black Hammer10/23/20180.390.3950.375
TEXCHEM RESOURCES BERHAD (8702)Black Hammer10/23/20180.7550.7750.715
VERSATILE CREATIVE BERHAD [S] (4995)Black Hammer10/23/20180.5250.530.51
BREM HOLDING BERHAD (8761)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.770.7850.77
BURSA MALAYSIA BERHAD (1818)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20187.617.657.61
GDB HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (0198)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.290.3050.29
HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD (7668)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20183.63.683.6
MMC CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (2194)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20181.11.141.1
STERLING PROGRESS BERHAD [S] (0140)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.20.230.2
DUFU TECHNOLOGY CORP. BERHAD [S] (7233)White Hammer10/23/20182.672.672.61
GLOMAC BERHAD [S] (5020)White Hammer10/23/20180.40.40.385
KOBAY TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (6971)White Hammer10/23/20181.471.471.41
SENTORIA GROUP BERHAD (5213)White Hammer10/23/20180.430.430.4
THETA EDGE BERHAD [S] (9075)White Hammer10/23/20180.310.310.29
UZMA BERHAD [S] (7250)White Hammer10/23/20181.331.331.18
FIAMMA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (6939WB)White Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.030.050.025
K-ONE TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (0111)White Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.2850.30.28
SARAWAK OIL PALMS BERHAD [S] (5126)White Inverted Hammer10/23/20182.672.72.66

Monday, October 22, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-22

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) BERHAD (5139)Black Hammer10/22/201815.515.5415.3
LATITUDE TREE HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7006)Black Hammer10/22/20183.553.583.41
LINGKARAN TRANS KOTA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (6645)Black Hammer10/22/20184.054.063.89
OCK GROUP BERHAD [S] (0172)Black Hammer10/22/20180.5450.550.53
PANASONIC MANUFACTURING MALAYSIA BERHAD (3719)Black Hammer10/22/201838.0838.138.02
SINO HUA-AN INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] (2739)Black Hammer10/22/20180.270.2750.26
TIME DOTCOM BERHAD [S] (5031)Black Hammer10/22/20187.887.957.72
ATA IMS BERHAD [S] (8176)Black Inverted Hammer10/22/20181.71.771.7
EKOVEST BERHAD [S] (8877)Black Inverted Hammer10/22/20180.520.5350.52
HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD (7668)Black Inverted Hammer10/22/20183.613.723.61
JAKS RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (4723)Black Inverted Hammer10/22/20180.9750.9950.975
CHIN HIN GROUP BERHAD [S] (5273)White Hammer10/22/20180.730.730.715
HOMERITZ CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (5160)White Hammer10/22/20180.710.710.665
TRI-MODE SYSTEM (M) BERHAD [S] (0199)White Hammer10/22/20180.4350.4350.41
Y.S.P.SOUTHEAST ASIA HOLDING BERHAD [S] (7178)White Hammer10/22/20183.053.052.97
AEMULUS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (0181)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20180.320.330.315
BATU KAWAN BERHAD [S] (1899)White Inverted Hammer10/22/201816.921716.9
CAHYA MATA SARAWAK BERHAD [S] (2852)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20182.712.782.7
MUDA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (3883)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20181.671.691.66
MUHIBBAH ENGINEERING (M) BHD [S] (5703)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20182.862.892.85
OSK HOLDINGS BERHAD (5053WC)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20180.080.10.075
SUPERMAX CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (7106)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20183.083.123.07
TSH RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (9059)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20181.061.081.05
YONG TAI BERHAD [S] (7066)White Inverted Hammer10/22/20180.630.6450.625

Friday, October 19, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-19

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AMMB HOLDINGS BERHAD (1015)Black Hammer10/19/20183.983.993.92
B.I.G. INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (7005)Black Hammer10/19/20180.320.330.285
BIMB HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5258WA)Black Hammer10/19/20180.1850.190.175
HSS ENGINEERS BERHAD [S] (0185)Black Hammer10/19/20180.90.9050.82
INNOPRISE PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] (6262)Black Hammer10/19/20180.740.7450.68
INSAS BERHAD (3379WB)Black Hammer10/19/20180.1150.120.105
MESB BERHAD [S] (7234)Black Hammer10/19/20180.3050.310.29
N2N CONNECT BERHAD [S] (0108)Black Hammer10/19/20181.191.21.16
PINEAPPLE RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (0006)Black Hammer10/19/20180.5950.620.505
SURIA CAPITAL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (6521)Black Hammer10/19/20181.561.571.51
THRIVEN GLOBAL BERHAD [S] (7889WB)Black Hammer10/19/20180.10.1050.09
YOONG ONN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (5159)Black Hammer10/19/20181.071.081.04
CB INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT HOLDING BERHAD [S] (7076)Black Inverted Hammer10/19/20181.11.151.1
DOMINANT ENTERPRISE BERHAD [S] (7169)Black Inverted Hammer10/19/20181.291.321.29
GUOCOLAND (MALAYSIA) BERHAD (1503)Black Inverted Hammer10/19/20180.7950.850.795
UNIMECH GROUP BERHAD [S] (7091)Black Inverted Hammer10/19/20180.9810.98
DUFU TECHNOLOGY CORP. BERHAD [S] (7233)White Hammer10/19/20182.682.682.63
GENTING BERHAD (3182WA)White Hammer10/19/20180.0550.0550.04
MUDAJAYA GROUP BERHAD [S] (5085)White Hammer10/19/20180.310.310.295
NTPM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5066)White Hammer10/19/20180.560.560.53
SMRT HOLDINGS BERHAD (0117)White Hammer10/19/20180.140.140.125
TIME DOTCOM BERHAD [S] (5031)White Hammer10/19/20187.957.957.65
ACOUSTECH BERHAD [S] (7120)White Inverted Hammer10/19/20180.4350.4550.425
ARK RESOURCES HOLDINGS BERHAD (7007)White Inverted Hammer10/19/20180.460.650.38
DANCOMECH HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5276)White Inverted Hammer10/19/20180.4650.480.46
GENTING PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] (2291WA)White Inverted Hammer10/19/20181.71.791.66
MASTER-PACK GROUP BERHAD [S] (7029)White Inverted Hammer10/19/20180.620.640.615
PETRONAS DAGANGAN BHD [S] (5681)White Inverted Hammer10/19/201826.2826.5626.18
SKP RESOURCES BHD [S] (7155)White Inverted Hammer10/19/20181.321.351.31

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-18

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AEON CREDIT SERVICE (M) BERHAD (5139)Black Hammer10/18/201815.5815.615.48
CHOO BEE METAL INDUSTRIES BHD [S] (5797)Black Hammer10/18/20181.611.621.58
D&O GREEN TECHNOLOGIES BERHAD [S] (7204)Black Hammer10/18/20180.910.9150.895
DANCOMECH HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5276)Black Hammer10/18/20180.480.4850.455
EVERSENDAI CORPORATION BERHAD (5205)Black Hammer10/18/20180.7850.790.775
GUOCOLAND (MALAYSIA) BERHAD (1503)Black Hammer10/18/20180.7950.80.76
IOI CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (1961)Black Hammer10/18/20184.584.594.53
KOBAY TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (6971)Black Hammer10/18/20181.531.541.5
LEWEKO RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (8745)Black Hammer10/18/20180.1950.20.18
PMB TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (7172)Black Hammer10/18/20183.293.33.25
PPB GROUP BERHAD [S] (4065)Black Hammer10/18/201816.8816.916.62
TIONG NAM LOGISTICS HOLDINGS BERHAD (8397)Black Hammer10/18/20180.8950.910.85
WESTPORTS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5246)Black Hammer10/18/20183.533.553.47
YNH PROPERTY BERHAD (3158)Black Hammer10/18/20181.331.351.28
ASTINO BERHAD [S] (7162)Black Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.70.720.7
SYMPHONY LIFE BERHAD [S] (1538)Black Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.360.380.36
WELLCALL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7231)Black Inverted Hammer10/18/20181.151.191.15
AMMB HOLDINGS BERHAD (1015)White Hammer10/18/2018443.92
A-RANK BERHAD [S] (7214)White Hammer10/18/20180.80.80.775
GLOMAC BERHAD [S] (5020)White Hammer10/18/20180.4050.4050.38
HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD (7668)White Hammer10/18/20183.73.73.66
MAGNUM BERHAD (3859)White Hammer10/18/20181.831.831.8
ADVENTA BERHAD [S] (7191)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.4050.430.4
BERMAZ AUTO BERHAD [S] (5248)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20181.952.021.92
EONMETALL GROUP BERHAD [S] (7217)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.4750.50.465
GENTING BERHAD (3182)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20187.317.377.29
LEON FUAT BERHAD (5232)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.5650.580.56
MIECO CHIPBOARD BERHAD [S] (5001)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.360.380.355
PHARMANIAGA BERHAD [S] (7081)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20182.822.872.8
POWER ROOT BERHAD [S] (7237)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20181.551.571.54
TMC LIFE SCIENCES BERHAD (0101)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.7350.760.73
WCE HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (3565)White Inverted Hammer10/18/20180.650.670.64


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