This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Friday, October 5, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-04

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
ALLIANCE BANK MALAYSIA BERHAD (2488)Black Hammer10/4/20184.194.214.13
APEX HEALTHCARE BERHAD [S] (7090)Black Hammer10/4/20188.68.618.51
ATA IMS BERHAD [S] (8176)Black Hammer10/4/20181.751.771.7
FOUNDPAC GROUP BERHAD [S] (5277)Black Hammer10/4/20180.3050.310.295
GENTING PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] (2291)Black Hammer10/4/20189.59.529.42
HAP SENG CONSOLIDATED BERHAD (3034)Black Hammer10/4/20189.829.859.75
HEINEKEN MALAYSIA BERHAD (3255)Black Hammer10/4/201820.4820.520.4
KEY ASIC BERHAD [S] (0143)Black Hammer10/4/20180.170.1750.16
UMS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7137)Black Hammer10/4/20182.392.42.3
DAMANSARA REALTY BHD [S] (3484)Black Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.350.380.35
HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD (7668)Black Inverted Hammer10/4/20183.763.843.76
KAREX BERHAD (5247)Black Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.7050.7450.705
SUNSURIA BERHAD [S] (3743)Black Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.90.920.9
TEK SENG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7200WA)Black Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.10.1150.1
ECO WORLD INTERNATIONAL BERHAD (5283)White Hammer10/4/20180.980.980.95
RAPID SYNERGY BERHAD (7765)White Hammer10/4/20185.895.895.82
AFFIN BANK BERHAD (5185)White Inverted Hammer10/4/20182.372.392.36
BP PLASTICS HOLDING BHD [S] (5100)White Inverted Hammer10/4/20181.051.071.04
CHUAN HUAT RESOURCES BHD [S] (7016)White Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.4050.4250.4
EASTERN & ORIENTAL BERHAD [S] (3417WB)White Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.040.050.035
HOMERITZ CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (5160WA)White Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.1650.180.16
KRETAM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (1996)White Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.4050.430.4
PARAGON UNION BERHAD [S] (9407)White Inverted Hammer10/4/20180.2850.310.275



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