This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hammer 2018-10-23

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AJINOMOTO (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] (2658)Black Hammer10/23/201819.982019.3
FEDERAL INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (8605)Black Hammer10/23/20180.330.3350.32
GENTING BERHAD (3182WA)Black Hammer10/23/20180.0450.050.035
GFM SERVICES BERHAD [S] (0039)Black Hammer10/23/20180.4350.440.42
IOI PROPERTIES GROUP BERHAD [S] (5249)Black Hammer10/23/20181.241.251.21
JAKS RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (4723)Black Hammer10/23/20180.9650.970.945
LII HEN INDUSTRIES BHD. [S] (7089)Black Hammer10/23/20182.9932.95
MEGA FIRST CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (3069)Black Hammer10/23/20183.163.173.13
RAPID SYNERGY BERHAD (7765)Black Hammer10/23/20185.945.975.82
TECHFAST HOLDINGS BERHAD (0084)Black Hammer10/23/20180.390.3950.375
TEXCHEM RESOURCES BERHAD (8702)Black Hammer10/23/20180.7550.7750.715
VERSATILE CREATIVE BERHAD [S] (4995)Black Hammer10/23/20180.5250.530.51
BREM HOLDING BERHAD (8761)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.770.7850.77
BURSA MALAYSIA BERHAD (1818)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20187.617.657.61
GDB HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (0198)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.290.3050.29
HAI-O ENTERPRISE BERHAD (7668)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20183.63.683.6
MMC CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (2194)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20181.11.141.1
STERLING PROGRESS BERHAD [S] (0140)Black Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.20.230.2
DUFU TECHNOLOGY CORP. BERHAD [S] (7233)White Hammer10/23/20182.672.672.61
GLOMAC BERHAD [S] (5020)White Hammer10/23/20180.40.40.385
KOBAY TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (6971)White Hammer10/23/20181.471.471.41
SENTORIA GROUP BERHAD (5213)White Hammer10/23/20180.430.430.4
THETA EDGE BERHAD [S] (9075)White Hammer10/23/20180.310.310.29
UZMA BERHAD [S] (7250)White Hammer10/23/20181.331.331.18
FIAMMA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (6939WB)White Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.030.050.025
K-ONE TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (0111)White Inverted Hammer10/23/20180.2850.30.28
SARAWAK OIL PALMS BERHAD [S] (5126)White Inverted Hammer10/23/20182.672.72.66



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