This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hammer 2018-07-05

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
ASIATIC DEVELOPMENT BHDBlack Hammer7/5/20189.169.219.05
EONMETALL GROUP BHDBlack Hammer7/5/20180.4750.480.46
N2N CONNECT BHDBlack Hammer7/5/20181.341.351.31
PANASONIC MANUFACTURING MALAYSIBlack Hammer7/5/201837.2837.337.22
UNITED PLANTATIONS BHDBlack Hammer7/5/201826.7826.826.38
WENG ZHENG RESOURCES BHDBlack Hammer7/5/20180.3050.310.295
MMS VENTURES BHDBlack Inverted Hammer7/5/20181.341.381.34
JAKS RESOURCES BERHADWhite Hammer7/5/20181.331.331.29
VITROX CORPORATION BHDWhite Hammer7/5/20185.565.565.53
AHMAD ZAKI RESOURCES BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20180.3850.3950.38
AWC FACILITY SOLUTIONS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20180.6550.6750.65
COMINTEL CORPORATION BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20180.190.2050.185
DKSH HOLDINGS(M)BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20183.733.93.7
EKOVEST BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20180.630.6450.625
IFCA MSC BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20180.320.3550.31
IREKA CORPORATION BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20180.590.60.585
MALAYSIAN PACIFIC INDUSTRIES BHWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20189.829.969.8
OCEANCASH PACIFIC BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20180.6550.670.65
SOUTHERN STEEL BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/5/20181.411.441.4



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