This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hammer 2018-07-04

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
CARLSBERG BREWERY MALAYSIA BHDBlack Hammer7/4/201819.2819.319.22
HONG LEONG INDUSTRIES BHDBlack Hammer7/4/201811.1211.1411
HOVID BHDBlack Hammer7/4/20180.320.3250.305
KAWAN FOOD BHDBlack Hammer7/4/20182.242.252.21
MALAYSIA SMELTING CORPORATION BBlack Inverted Hammer7/4/20183.173.223.17
MALAYSIAN PACIFIC INDUSTRIES BHBlack Inverted Hammer7/4/20189.89.879.8
MULTI-CODE ELECTRONICS INDS. (MBlack Inverted Hammer7/4/20180.680.7250.68
ESSO MALAYSIA BHDWhite Hammer7/4/20187.237.237.16
RAPID SYNERGY BHDWhite Hammer7/4/20185.825.825.62
TEJARI TECHNOLOGIES BHDWhite Hammer7/4/20180.240.240.21
UNIMECH GROUP BHDWhite Hammer7/4/20181.051.051
KOSSAN RUBBER INDUSTRIES BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/4/20188.518.588.49
MULTI-PURPOSE HOLDINGS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/4/20182.062.12.05
OPENSYS (M) BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/4/20180.2950.3050.29



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