This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Monday, July 9, 2018

Hammer 2018-07-09

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
CAHYA MATA SARAWAK BHDBlack Hammer7/9/20182.392.42.36
MNRB HOLDINGS BHDBlack Hammer7/9/20182.252.262.22
TANJUNG OFFSHORE BHDBlack Hammer7/9/20180.380.3850.365
SP SETIA BHDBlack Inverted Hammer7/9/20182.922.972.92
TENAGA NASIONAL BHDBlack Inverted Hammer7/9/201814.314.614.3
MALAYSIA BUILDING SOCIETY BHDWhite Hammer7/9/20181.121.121.08
NESTLE (M) BHDWhite Hammer7/9/2018148148146.8
SHL CONSOLIDATED BHDWhite Hammer7/9/20182.452.452.3
GHL SYSTEMS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/9/20181.611.641.6
IMASPRO CORPORATION BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/9/20182.082.142.05
MEDA INC. BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/9/20180.350.360.345
MULPHA INTERNATIONAL BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/9/20182.162.22.15
OPCOM HOLDINGS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/9/20180.8450.860.84
PAHANCO CORPORATION BHDWhite Inverted Hammer7/9/20180.1450.160.14



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