This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hammer 2017-06-08

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
COMPLETE LOGISTIC SERVICES BHDBlack Hammer6/8/20170.980.990.96
NOTION VTEC BHDBlack Hammer6/8/20171.191.21.17
GENTING BHDBlack Inverted Hammer6/8/20179.759.99.75
KAWAN FOOD BHDBlack Inverted Hammer6/8/20174.714.744.71
KUALA LUMPUR KEPONG BHDWhite Hammer6/8/201724.924.924.8
APEX EQUITY HOLDINGS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20171.691.721.68
BINA PURI HOLDINGS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20170.420.440.41
CHIN WELL HOLDINGS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20171.821.851.81
MELEWAR INDUSTRIAL GROUP BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20170.3250.3350.32
MICROLINK SOLUTIONS BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20170.9250.9550.915
RUBBEREX CORPORATION (M) BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20170.780.80.77
SERSOL TECHNOLOGIES BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20170.1750.190.17
YONG TAI BHDWhite Inverted Hammer6/8/20171.421.471.41



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