This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hammer 2019-01-11

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AHMAD ZAKI RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7078WA)Black Hammer1/11/20190.1450.150.13
INARI AMERTRON BERHAD [S] (0166)Black Hammer1/11/20191.451.461.41
PETRONAS CHEMICALS GROUP BERHAD [S] (5183)Black Hammer1/11/20198.78.778.45
PUBLIC BANK BERHAD (1295)Black Hammer1/11/201924.7624.824.66
SCIENTEX BERHAD [S] (4731)Black Hammer1/11/20198.818.828.68
TAS OFFSHORE BERHAD [S] (5149)Black Hammer1/11/20190.220.2250.21
WATTA HOLDING BERHAD [S] (7226)Black Hammer1/11/20190.7850.80.755
IDEAL UNITED BINTANG INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] (9687)Black Inverted Hammer1/11/20191.21.291.2
PENTAMASTER CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (7160)Black Inverted Hammer1/11/20192.742.82.74
ROHAS TECNIC BERHAD [S] (9741)Black Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.6850.720.685
ANALABS RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7083)White Hammer1/11/20191.081.081.01
GAMUDA BERHAD [S] (5398)White Hammer1/11/20192.812.812.72
GENTING BERHAD (3182)White Hammer1/11/20196.456.456.36
JF TECHNOLOGY BERHAD [S] (0146)White Hammer1/11/20190.7650.7650.71
KUALA LUMPUR KEPONG BERHAD [S] (2445)White Hammer1/11/201924.124.123.88
MGB BERHAD [S] (7595)White Hammer1/11/20190.710.710.69
QL RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7084)White Hammer1/11/20196.826.826.6
TSH RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (9059)White Hammer1/11/20191.041.041
YTL CORPORATION BERHAD (4677)White Hammer1/11/20191.091.091.05
ASIA FILE CORPORATION BHD [S] (7129)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20192.662.72.65
BOUSTEAD HOLDINGS BERHAD (2771)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20191.551.581.54
BOUSTEAD PLANTATIONS BERHAD [S] (5254)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.930.9450.925
CB INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT HOLDING BERHAD [S] (7076)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20191.21.251.18
ECS ICT BERHAD [S] (5162)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.960.970.955
FOCUS DYNAMICS GROUP BERHAD (0116)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.150.170.145
GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] (5209)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20192.822.882.81
HSS ENGINEERS BERHAD [S] (0185)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.9951.040.975
ISKANDAR WATERFRONT CITY BERHAD [S] (1589)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.480.4950.475
MPHB CAPITAL BERHAD (5237)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20191.041.071.03
SAM ENGINEERING & EQUIPMENT (M) BERHAD [S] (9822)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20197.397.597.35
SASBADI HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5252)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.2250.240.22
T7 GLOBAL BERHAD [S] (7228)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.370.390.365
WEGMANS HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (0197)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.320.340.315
YONG TAI BERHAD [S] (7066PA)White Inverted Hammer1/11/20190.320.340.315



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