This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hammer 2019-07-31

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
DAGANG NEXCHANGE BERHAD [S] (4456)Black Hammer7/31/20190.2750.280.265
DAIBOCHI BERHAD- WARRANTS 2017_2022 [S] (8125WB)Black Hammer7/31/20190.280.2850.22
ECO WORLD DEVELOPMENT GROUP BERHAD [S] (8206)Black Hammer7/31/20190.7850.790.775
GUNUNG CAPITAL BERHAD (7676)Black Hammer7/31/20190.2950.30.28
HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD (5819)Black Hammer7/31/201917.9618.0616.82
QL RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7084)Black Hammer7/31/20196.876.886.8
SERN KOU RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (7180)Black Hammer7/31/20190.5750.580.54
SIGNATURE INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] (7246)Black Hammer7/31/20190.480.4850.46
ZHULIAN CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (5131)Black Hammer7/31/20191.631.641.6
DAIBOCHI BERHAD [S] (8125)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20191.81.921.8
HARBOUR-LINK GROUP BERHAD [S] (2062)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20190.6350.670.635
IQ GROUP HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5107)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20190.940.970.94
MAA GROUP BERHAD (1198)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20190.8250.850.825
PRESS METAL ALUMINIUM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (8869)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20194.554.654.55
SENTORIA GROUP BERHAD [S] (5213WB)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20190.1250.140.125
SOUTHERN STEEL BERHAD (5665)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20191.041.091.04
WATTA HOLDING BERHAD [S] (7226)Black Inverted Hammer7/31/20190.460.480.46
TECK GUAN PERDANA BERHAD (7439)White Hammer7/31/20191.071.071.02
MENANG CORPORATION (M) BERHAD [S] (1694)White Inverted Hammer7/31/20190.330.360.325
PROLEXUS BERHAD [S] (8966)White Inverted Hammer7/31/20190.4550.50.45



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