This blog lists stocks traded in Malaysia Stock Market that made a Hammer Candlestick Pattern. For definition of Hammer pattern, please click here

Friday, December 14, 2018

Hammer 2018-12-14

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AMMB HOLDINGS BERHAD (1015)Black Hammer12/14/20184.394.44.34
DUTCH LADY MILK INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (3026)Black Hammer12/14/201862.4662.4862
HONG LEONG FINANCIAL GROUP BERHAD (1082)Black Hammer12/14/201819.219.319
NEXTGREEN GLOBAL BERHAD [S] (7241)Black Hammer12/14/20180.4850.490.475
QES GROUP BERHAD (0196)Black Hammer12/14/20180.20.2050.19
YONG TAI BERHAD [S] (7066PA)Black Hammer12/14/20180.2750.280.265
CAELY HOLDINGS BHD [S] (7154WA)Black Inverted Hammer12/14/20180.60.670.6
EG INDUSTRIES BERHAD [S] (8907WC)Black Inverted Hammer12/14/20180.170.1850.17
LPI CAPITAL BHD (8621)Black Inverted Hammer12/14/20181616.116
OCR GROUP BERHAD [S] (7071)Black Inverted Hammer12/14/20180.2950.3150.295
PARKSON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5657)Black Inverted Hammer12/14/20180.2650.2850.265
PETRONAS CHEMICALS GROUP BERHAD [S] (5183)Black Inverted Hammer12/14/20189.129.189.12
POWER ROOT BERHAD [S] (7237)Black Inverted Hammer12/14/20181.231.271.23
HONG LEONG INDUSTRIES BERHAD (3301)White Hammer12/14/20188.98.98.6
SERBA DINAMIK HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5279)White Hammer12/14/20183.763.763.64
TRC SYNERGY BERHAD [S] (5054)White Hammer12/14/20180.5050.5050.485
YINSON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7293)White Hammer12/14/20184.44.44.27
7-ELEVEN MALAYSIA HOLDINGS BERHAD (5250)White Inverted Hammer12/14/20181.31.331.29
BINTULU PORT HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5032)White Inverted Hammer12/14/20184.634.724.6
IHH HEALTHCARE BERHAD [S] (5225)White Inverted Hammer12/14/20185.45.655.34
TEK SENG HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7200)White Inverted Hammer12/14/20180.240.280.225

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hammer 2018-12-13

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
BAHVEST RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (0098WA)Black Hammer12/13/20180.2150.220.17
ECO WORLD DEVELOPMENT GROUP BERHAD- [S] (8206WA)Black Hammer12/13/20180.2050.210.195
NESTLE (MALAYSIA) BERHAD [S] (4707)Black Hammer12/13/2018146.4146.8145
PANASONIC MANUFACTURING MALAYSIA BERHAD (3719)Black Hammer12/13/201837.93837.6
PETRONAS CHEMICALS GROUP BERHAD [S] (5183)Black Hammer12/13/20189.179.29.1
TEO SENG CAPITAL BERHAD (7252)Black Hammer12/13/20180.920.930.89
YINSON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (7293)Black Hammer12/13/20184.374.394.26
DAIBOCHI BERHAD- WARRANTS 2017_2022 [S] (8125WB)Black Inverted Hammer12/13/20180.250.270.25
FOCUS LUMBER BERHAD (5197)Black Inverted Hammer12/13/20181.531.61.53
MI EQUIPMENT HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5286)Black Inverted Hammer12/13/20182.262.32.26
OCR GROUP BERHAD [S] (7071)Black Inverted Hammer12/13/20180.290.3050.29
SUPERMAX CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (7106)Black Inverted Hammer12/13/20183.73.823.7
TROPICANA CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (5401)Black Inverted Hammer12/13/20180.8650.890.865
MEGA FIRST CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (3069)White Hammer12/13/20183.263.263.22
MPHB CAPITAL BERHAD (5237)White Hammer12/13/20181.091.091.06
SAND NISKO CAPITAL BERHAD [S] (7943)White Hammer12/13/20180.280.280.23
SCIENTEX BERHAD [S] (4731)White Hammer12/13/20189.429.429.34
WATTA HOLDING BERHAD [S] (7226)White Hammer12/13/20180.7850.7850.7
FRASER & NEAVE HOLDINGS BHD [S] (3689)White Inverted Hammer12/13/201833.234.632.96
LEE SWEE KIAT GROUP BERHAD [S] (8079)White Inverted Hammer12/13/20180.9350.9650.93
SINO HUA-AN INTERNATIONAL BERHAD [S] (2739)White Inverted Hammer12/13/20180.170.180.165
VERTICE BERHAD- WARRANTS A 2014_2024 [S] (7240WA)White Inverted Hammer12/13/20180.480.5250.47

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hammer 2018-12-12

Symbol TypeDateCloseHighLow
AMMB HOLDINGS BERHAD (1015)Black Hammer12/12/20184.394.44.35
BIMB HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5258WA)Black Hammer12/12/20180.1650.170.155
HARTALEGA HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5168)Black Hammer12/12/20186.396.46.23
PARKSON HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5657)Black Hammer12/12/20180.2750.280.265
SKP RESOURCES BHD [S] (7155)Black Hammer12/12/20181.071.081.04
UPA CORPORATION BHD [S] (7757)Black Hammer12/12/20182.22.212.14
WATTA HOLDING BERHAD [S] (7226)Black Hammer12/12/20180.7850.80.75
CYPARK RESOURCES BERHAD [S] (5184)Black Inverted Hammer12/12/20182.372.472.37
I-BERHAD [S] (4251)Black Inverted Hammer12/12/20180.3850.40.385
MUDAJAYA GROUP BERHAD [S] (5085)Black Inverted Hammer12/12/20180.3150.330.315
TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] (4863)White Hammer12/12/20182.612.612.56
GADANG HOLDINGS BHD [S] (9261)White Inverted Hammer12/12/20180.5250.540.52
GENTING MALAYSIA BERHAD (4715)White Inverted Hammer12/12/20182.812.862.8
HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD (5819)White Inverted Hammer12/12/201820.2220.620.1
LAFARGE MALAYSIA BERHAD [S] (3794)White Inverted Hammer12/12/20181.9421.93
NAIM HOLDINGS BERHAD [S] (5073)White Inverted Hammer12/12/20180.4750.4850.47
UZMA BERHAD [S] (7250)White Inverted Hammer12/12/20180.610.6350.605
VITROX CORPORATION BERHAD [S] (0097)White Inverted Hammer12/12/20186.856.996.81


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